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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend

This weekend was so nice and it was just what I needed!  Although it was super busy, it was super fun.

On Saturday, we had a nice relaxing morning.  My Nana and Popa came by for a visit on their way through town.  They got to enjoy our new set of patio furniture and watch the boys play with their sand table.  We had a good visit before they headed out on their way to the beach.

After the boys got up from their afternoon naps, and Aaron came home from coaching his soccer game, we took the boys to church for the Easter egg hunt.  We met my coworker and her sister, her mom, and her nearly two-year-old nephew there.  Michael had a blast!  And who, what a turn out!  There were over 100 kids there-- not including their parents and additional family members!  Michael was on  a personal mission to find the Easter eggs that looked like footballs.  He then proceeded to throw them like footballs.  He picked up about 20 eggs, and ended the hunt with about eight eggs in his bucket.  We took the boys home for supper and let them play outside a little longer.

On Sunday we woke up at our usual time (which is early for most of America-- especially on a Sunday) and we headed to Sunrise Service at church.  Noah did pretty well at first, wrapped up in a blanket and sitting on Aaron's lap.  I tried to entertain Michael with his dirtbike toy and Hot Wheels car by letting him play in the dirt.  However, his toddler voice is not entirely conducive to a Sunrise Service, and it was pretty cold, so I ended up taking both boys into the nursery to play. We had a breakfast gathering after the service was over.  Afterwards, we headed home to get a jump start on making Easter lunch.

Aaron headed back to church for the regular service since he plays drums in the worship band.  The boys and I stayed home so that I could feed them lunch and get them in bed for their naps before having family over for lunch.  Aaron and I cooked a ham, warmed up some rolls, baked some potatoes, boiled eggs and made deviled eggs, and baked a carrot cake (with store bought frosting). :)  Aaron's mom brought a beautiful salad.  We had a nice relaxing family lunch complete with lots of time spent outside enjoying the beautiful day.

The evening ended with lots of laughs and giggles from the boys and Aaron playing together.  Michael's CGM sensor failed (second one that weekend), which led to a very stressful experience on Sunday overnight into Monday. Everything worked out in the end, though, which is the goal. :)

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend.  Yes, diabetes made its presence known, but it didn't break us.  We came through the weekend tired, but with our heads held high.  Both boys got to enjoy a piece of carrot cake for a snack and you would have thought they had never seen or tasted any dessert in their lives!  They gobbled up that cake, and Michael became a master negotiator: "I would like to have one teeny tiny little bite of cake please! Just one tiny bite please! It's dee-wishous!" 

"In all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us."  Romans 8:37

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of Easter!

Until Next Time,

Much love, Reba

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