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Sunday, March 22, 2015

What You Might Find In My....

-milk: for obvious reasons 
-chocolate milk: nighttime snack (good balance of carbs & protein)
-string cheese (free food) 
-100-Calorie Greek yogurt containers. Great protein to carb ratio.
-jelly: to correct low blood sugar 
-sugar-free jelly: for peanut butter jelly sandwiches 
-whipped cream in the can. This is a low carb special treat to use as "frosting" on mini cupcakes or cookies 
-diet sprite (referred to as "bubble juice") 
-diet cherry 7up ("pink bubble juice")

-lower sugar instant oatmeal:  his breakfast favorite 
-100 calorie cookie packs (we pair half a cookie pack with chocolate milk for bedtime snack)
-reduced calorie bread (about 20g of carb per 2 slices. Perfect for sandwiches for toddlers)
-applesauce containers 
-no-sugar added fruit cups 
-goldfish crackers 
-peanut butter
-ritz (both whole wheat and regular) 
-regular sprite (for when he's sick and needs carbs in liquid form)

-fish sticks (a dinner favorite)
-sweet potato fries 
-sugar free Popsicles (fun treat)
-regular Popsicles (if he's sick and needs carbs but can't keep food down) 

This is just a glimpse of things you might find in our fridge. I often wonder when grocery shopping if other people notice the odd array of things we buy-- sugar-free, reduced sugar, and even the full-sugar & full-carb items. I wonder if anyone can tell that there's a type 1 diabetic in our midst.

Until next time, 

Much love, Reba

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