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Thursday, March 5, 2015

From a Two Year Old's Perspective

Wanted:  A full-time stenographer, who can follow around my two year old and record everything he says.  Potential for this job to be extended when my one-year old starts talking. 

Wouldn't it really be great if we could have all of the cute sayings and expressions written down and recorded for us to read over and over again?  I do my best to write down the sweet things Michael says, but I'm not always fast enough to get them written down before I forget.  I've managed to record a few things, though.

Here are a few fun things Michael has said recently:

At 7:05 in the morning one Saturday:
Michael: Look! The sunshine's on!


Michael: I love puppy dogs! I see a puppy dog! Aw! It's so cute!


Michael: I love two things.
Me: you love two things?
Michael: yeah!
Me: what are they?
Michael: I love puppy dogs!
Aaron: and what else?
Michael: I love purple puppy dogs!

Michael: mom?
Me: yeah?
Michael: what are you doing?
Me: writing down what you said.
Michael: no. You're sitting down.

Me: Michael, can you tell me a story?
Michael: once about a time, there was a daddy. He was asleep on the couch. Brown. And. So. We have to wake him up. So, I'm picking my nose. And. The end.

Aaron: Michael, why are you not listening?
Michael: I can't hear you, babe.

Me: ok, Michael, come into the kitchen to eat breakfast!
Michael: (sees empty ice cream carton) ok. Ice cream.
Me: no, ice cream is not a breakfast choice. And it's all gone.
Michael: aw.
Me: but I'm going to the store and I can buy some more.
Michael: really?
Me: yep!
Michael: of course you can!

My mom: Here, Michael, this is a cashew nut. You can try it.
Michael: oh, okay. (Eats the cashew-- a few minutes pass). I'd like another muffin.
Me: a muffin? I don't have any muffins.
Michael: a muffin. A donut. A nut.
My mom: oh! A cashew!

Me: hey Michael, do you know how old you are?
Michael: two years old.
Me: That's right, buddy!  Great job!
Michael: how old are you mom?
Me: twenty six.
Michael: so, three. How old is dad?
Me: twenty seven. Is dad old?
Michael: no. Dad is cool.


So here you have it.  Sweet and funny sayings from a little guy who discovers more about the world everyday!
Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba

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