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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Noah: A Post in Pictures

It's been a while since I did a post on sweet, sunggle-buggle Noah.

Here's a recap of recent things:

Noah can do downward-dog on a whim:

He absolutely LOVES to come into the Master Bathroom and walk on the supersoft bath rug.  (Thanks, Costco!)

This is the face he makes if he wants a bite of whatever we have  (this time it was a DQ Blizzard):

The epitome of summertime cuteness-- playing beside the kiddie pool at GG's:

Alabama summer brothers, sharing sugar-free popsicles:

A fun day spent with Grampa Bill and Uncle Bryan while Mommy, Grandma Chips, and Michael went to get Michael's insulin pump:

Whenever something happens that Noah doesn't like, he shouts "Nahhh!"  We have found that the word "No" has little effect on him, and Aaron's theory is that Noah probably thinks his name is "No, no, Noah."  This is a picture of him shouting "Nahhh!" at Michael when Michael put his plastic spoon in Noah's mixing bowl, although both boys were doing this and each had their own spoons and bowls of their own.  Heaven forbid. :)

Just the cutest 18-month old around!  His smile warms my heart.

Snuggle time with "ba" (bottle).  In our world of chaos and piecing together life's puzzles, we have decided to leave the bottle issue alone.  Noah finds security in the bottle and we'll let him wean when ready.

"Coloring" one Sunday afternoon.  He was very intense and tried his best to copy me if I showed him how to do a swirl or a smiley face.

Classic.  This is the face that Noah now makes when he likes something-- when it's time to eat breakfast, have a bottle, eat supper, go outside, put on shoes, take a bath, tickle, etc.  This is how he shows his joy and I think it's just darling. :)

Noah, sweetie boy, you are just charming and the best!  We love you and the way you round us out with your goofiness and sense of adventure.  I love being your mommy!

Until Next Time,

Much love, Reba

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