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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Things My Two Year Old Says...

M: Can we watch Mickey Mouse Crackhouse?

When the real estate agent came to our house last week to list it for sale, Michael lead her on a tour of the house and his first stop was showing her the newly painted hall bathroom.
Michael: Mommy painted this wall.

Real estate agent:  I see.  It's very pretty.
Michael: Yeah.....  But.... there's a hole right here. (a nail hole) This wall, it's broken.

Aaron: What do you want for dinner?
Michael: Tuna sandwich.
Aaron: And what else?
Michael: A dirtbike.
Aaron: We're talking about what else you want for dinner. Tomatoes, salad, cheese...we're not talking about dirtbikes.
Michael: well..... Can we talk about dirtbikes?

Me: Okay brush your hair
Michael: Okay I'll brush my hair. (Gasps) Look mommy! My hair is beautiful just like yours!

Aaron: (after noticing pencil marks on the kitchen tile floor) Michael, did you color on the floor?
Michael: Yes. With a pen.
Aaron: why did you do that?
Michael: to color the kitchen.

Michael: (at normal volume on a Saturday at 6:30am) Hey! I see Merry! (Our boxer)
Me: Okay, but whisper. Noah & daddy are sleeping.
Michael: Okay. (At normal volume) doo doo doo doo doo. I want to watch a show!
Me: Shhhhh remember to be quiet. (Pulls a pan out of the cabinet to start making scrambled eggs)
Michael: Shhhhhhh you have to be quiet, Mommy!

In the Starbucks drive through line:
Michael: I want a double-shot and a pretzel.

Me: Michael, buddy, you've got to start pooping in the potty. Because now I'm changing your poopy diaper and you're about to take a bath and the bathroom will smell like poopy diaper.
Michael: But mom! I made it just for you!

(Michael wanders in Noah's room as I'm putting pajamas on Noah.)
Michael: I'm tired of this.
Me: you're tired of this? Tired of what?
Michael: Daddy!

Me: And you're a sweet boy.
Michael: And I'm Michael.  Michael gots lots of ideas.
Me:  Oh yeah? Like what kind of ideas?
Michael: Well... One time I saw a lizard in the sky.

There's never a dull moment these days.

Until Next Time,

Much love, Reba

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