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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What I'm Carrying Around

I’ve got this bad habit of stuffing a purse completely full of stuff until it becomes way too heavy to carry around.  Then, it’s overwhelming to go through it all and clean it out to get back to the basics.  So, I figured to motivate myself, I’d make a blog post about it.
I have a medium size cognac bag from Target.  It has two outer pockets that snap close, and one center pocket with a zipper. 
Inside of this bag, I was currently carrying (from top of the picture, left to right):

·       Two empty wrappers of Dexcom CGMs (shown folded up on the handle of my bag).  Michael pulled off his CGM earlier this week, so I grabbed two prior wrappers to see the lot number, just in case I had to call the company to get a replacement.
·       Phone charger.  I always keep this with me so I can charge in the car or if I’m out and about, and so I always know where my charger is.
·       Wallet.
·       Pen
·       Blank deposit slips, and Bonefish gift card
·       A whole bunch of receipts.  Publix, Target, gas station, etc .
·       Envelope and post card from a recent order of GrifGrips that I bought to cover over Michael’s CGM and Omnipod.  We’re trying whatever we can to keep these devices on him for their recommended time frame (1 week for CGM, 3 days for pod).  In my defense, these had arrived just as I was getting ready to pick up the boys, so I shoved the envelope in my purse so I could try out an adhesive on the CGM right 
·       Baby Ruth from friend’s baby shower. (I did end up throwing this away.  I have a weird thing about eating old candy—and this wasn’t even that old.  I just cannot do it).
·       Wadded up clean tissue.  I probably wouldn’t use it if I needed it—I’d just grab fresh tissue.  So, into the trash it goes.
·       Snail mail from my Nana w/ my sunglasses on top of it
·       Smarties wrappers from “snacktime” on the way home from picking up my boys.  Smarties are an easy treat to keep on hand for Michael.  Noah likes them too, and calls them Mar-tees.
·       Keys
·       Assortment of safety pins.  Can’t even remember what these are from.  Maybe from getting my pants hemmed?
·       Another pen
·       Spare Omnipod, SkinTac wipe, and alcohol swab
·       Three grocery lists
·       Kohl’s cash that I forgot to use
  • Church business card and church bulletin.

·       The canister of mini M&Ms was not in my purse.  It was Noah’s contribution to the mess on the table.
The wallet, keys, phone charger, snail mail, blank deposit slips, Bonefish giftcard, sunglasses, pens and church business card when back into my purse.
The Omnipod, SkinTac wipe, and alcohol swab went into Michael’s backpack.
Bulletin, expired Kohl’s cash, grocery lists, Smarties wrappers, tissue, receipt, Baby Ruth, envelope and post card from GrifGrips, and Dexcom wrapper went into the trash.
Safety pins went into the safety pin container on my dresser.
Noah took his M&M canister back to use as a toy.
There you have it!  A lighter purse just waiting to get filled up again!

Until next time, 
Much love, Reba 

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