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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday: 04.27.16

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it's the last Wednesday in April already!

Today, I'm linking up with Shay for What's Up Wednesday!

I'll be answering the following questions:

And the bonus question this month is What's your favorite Mother's Day gift to give or receive?

Let's get started.  We've got a lot to cover. 

What We're Eating This Week:

  • Mahi mahi sandwiches (we buy the frozen mahi from Costco, cook it on the stove top and serve it on an egg-knot-bun with lettuce, and some summer squash on the side!)
  • Monday was my birthday, so my parents brought dinner over!  My dad grilled some deer burgers (my fave!), and my mom made mashed potato casserole and broccoli salad, and they brought a yellow cake with chocolate frosting-- per my request.  It was a great family dinner!
  • Teriyaki grilled chicken tenders with salad.  We love the teriyaki sauce Veri Veri Teriyaki by Soyvay
  • We bought some avocados this week, and I mashed one up to have with my lunch today.  I added a little salt and a pinch of lime juice, and it was like a "no-fuss" guacamole of sorts. 
  • We also bought some sweet potatoes, and I plan to bake one each day for  my lunch for the rest of the work week. 
What I'm Reminiscing About:

Eight years ago, as of yesterday the 26th, my brother staged a surprise proposal for his girlfriend.  He had his fraternity brothers, along with me and my two best friends, hide in Toomer's Drug Store while he and his girlfriend went on a walk around Auburn University's campus (our Alma Mater).  When they got to Toomer's Corner, he got down on one knee and proposed to her!  A fraternity brother and I were ready with our cameras to capture that moment.  And then we all ran across the street and rolled Toomer's tree!  It was such a fun day!  I can't believe it was 8 years ago!

What I'm Loving:

All of the new and silly things my boys are saying these days!  For example, Michael (3 and a half years old) and I had this conversation the other day:

Michael: Do you know what cereal and Cool Whip make?
Me: Nope, I don't.
Michael:  Well, cereal is like sprinkles and Cool Whip is like snow.  So it makes snow whip!

And Noah, at just over 2 years old talks up a storm everyday from the moment he wakes up until an hour after he should have been to sleep.  He is very lovable and affectionate, especially towards his "bampeen"-- what he calls his blankie.  If he picks it up off the ground, he'll hug it and say "Awww, I love you too, bampeen."  

These boys make me smile everyday.  

What We've Been Up To:

Moving!  Read about it here and here.  We finally sold our house and were able to buy a new house lickety-split and we spent last week doing a simul-close and moving in!  We are probably 98% of the way to being all unpacked.  We are in love with our new house and we are so incredibly blessed, humbled, and grateful for how everything unfolded.  Only God could work that plan. and we're so thankful that He did. 

What I'm Dreading:

Getting the first bills for all of the utilities since moving in.  That's my least favorite part of moving in is the waiting process of using utilities and getting that first bill so that I can actually make a realistic budget for the house.  This house also has a gas stove, which I've never had before.  And we're realizing that we're low on gas.  So now I'll have to call the propane company and ask them how much it costs to fill up (like I have a choice) and schedule a time for them to come out to the house.  It's just one more thing on my plate and by golly, I just want a nap!

What I'm Working On:

Losing weight and getting tone!  I have started doing 10 Minute Solutions: Knockout Body, and tonight I started XTFMax: Find Your Shape.  Here's my real life honest moment: I couldn't make it through work-out number one.  But, I know I'll get there.  I'm not going to give up.  Also, on the way in the mail, is 30 Day Core Workout and Pretty Fierce Extreme Lean.  I like the Moms Into Fitness workouts.  I'm excited to try these new ones. 

What I'm Excited About:

Taking my boys to the beach for the very first time next month!  We are so excited to pack up for a long weekend getaway at our family beach cottage!  I am so excited for my little ones to see the beach I grew up going to, and I'm hoping they love it as much as I do.  I'm also realistic though, and I understand that little kids don't really "do" vacations.  So, it might be a train wreck, but in all honesty, isn't being the parent of young kids a train wreck some days anyway? Might as well be at the beach!

What I'm Watching/Reading:

We are currently mid season 2 of The Americans.  I cannot get enough!  We are pacing ourselves, but I know we're both in for a heartache when we finish the seasons available on Amazon Prime.  We've become so attached to these characters!  Bravo to the show writers and the actors.  A Plus acting every time.  

During my work days pre-move (and therefore, pre-disconnect from DirecTV) I would have episodes of HGTV's "Fixer Upper" or "Flip or Flop" on as background noise.  Post-move (and therefore, no TV, only Amazon Prime Firestick and DVDs) I've watched "You've Got Mail,"  "From Prada to Nada," and "Chocolat" on Amazon Prime.  I've watched "27 Dresses," "Date Night," "Two Weeks Notice," "National Treasure" and "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" for background noise.  I'm thinking tomorrow sounds like a good day for "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," "The Proposal," and either "Just Married" or "The Holiday."  

I LOVE "The Cat Who" series by Lilian Jackson Braun.  I have not read the books in any type of order, but I love that about this series.  She explains just enough about the characters and the location, that I can easily pick up any book in the series, and not be lost at all.  I just finished "The Cat Who Went Into the Closet" and I just started "The Cat Who Sang for the Birds."

I've also begun reading Kate Hudson's "Pretty Happy."  I am really liking this book and the positive message it gives towards understanding your body and aiming for being pretty happy rather than just skinny. 

What I'm Listening To:

Everyday in the car, it's K-Love Radio

When I need a boost, I turn on Meredith Andrews' "Deeper." 

What I'm Wearing:

T-shirts and shorts while working from home.  I did just place a Loft order for three shirts and two pairs of pants.  I'm eagerly anticipating their arrival in the next couple weeks!  I'm trying to get out of my t-shirt slump.  Fortunately, my mom and dad gifted me with three pretty summer tops and a new soft pink t-shirt for my birthday.  

My current nail polish favorite is Wet n Wild's "Wet Cement."   I find it a very Joanna Gaines color. 

What I'm Doing this Weekend:

It's our last soccer game of the season for the Upwards program at our church.  Aaron has been a super referee and a coach this season and I'll be glad to get him back on Saturdays. :)  On Sunday, during our morning service time, we will have our Upwards Celebration.  This event packs the house and it's so fun to see the smiles on the kids' faces as they are recognized for all of their hard work this season.  On Monday, Aaron and I are off of work.  We will be taking Michael to Children's Hospital for his bi-yearly endocrinology appointment.  Aaron has never actually been to a routine endocrinology appointment, and I'm glad he will get to see what all goes into this day-long event.  Noah will have uninterrupted time with grandparents on this day. :) 

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:

Going to the beach!  Seriously, I cannot wait.  Our family beach cottage (owned by my mom's parents) has no TV, no air conditioning, and it's perfection.  Sugary sand beaches.  Rocking chairs,  BLT's are a must for at least one lunch meal.  Sand castles.  Rolling waves, not choppy knock-you-downers (believe me, I've been around those too when I lived in Hawaii, and this calm beach is WAY better!)  I am so excited for my kids to experience this relaxation.  Coloring books.  Board games.  Long walks.  So fun!

What Else in New:

Well, at our new house, we have a deck in the backyard.  The deck is pretty high off the ground, and it has two staircases leading to the backyard.  One staircase has about seven steps on it; the other has about twelve steps.  The staircase with seven steps is wide, but that doesn't really matter to our two dogs who have never had to go up more than 3 steps before.  :)  We've had to teach them how to go up and down slowly, since both of them think they should be able to acsend and descend in one leap.  

What's Your Favorite Mother's Day Gift to Give or Receive:

Each year, I make my mom and my grandmas a photo desk calendar of pictures of all three grandsons.  My sister-in-law and I combine our pictures of our boys and we give this calendar as a gift from the "grand boys."  For my husband's mom and my husband's step-mom, I make a photo desk calendar with pictures of just my boys.  

It's so fun to look through a year's worth of pictures for these calendars!  And actually, I've got to do those today!

That was fun!  Lots of info!  Can't wait to read through the posts of others today!  

Until Next Time, 
Much love, Reba

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  1. Yellow cake and chocolate frosting is my favorite!! Yum. I hope you had a good birthday.

    Also, Americans. I agree, truly amazing acting.