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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


There are certainly times in life where things get too mundane.  If we wake up and do the exact same thing for years at a time, what are we looking forward to?

I'm kind of at that point.

I bought a notebook in TJMaxx about 6 months ago.  It's a hard-cardboard cover notebook, spiral bound, with a quote from Steve Jobs on the front:  "The Only Way to do Great Work is to Love What You Do."

My first sentence in this notebook is actually a question.  Questioning if we're really able to pursue our dream jobs.  Is this even attainable?

My next question (to myself) was, Why Not?

Why can't we pursue our dream jobs?

Some real answers ensued.

  • Fear of not being able to "make it" financially. 

  • Giving up the comfort of day-to-day routine to pursue something new.

  • Fear of failure, and having nothing to fall back on. 

I am in such a rut, right now.  I am unsatisfied and unhappy.  

To change this, I'm making strides towards pursuing my dream job, bit by bit.  I'm going to be smart about it, obviously, so I won't make it my "real" job until I know I can support my family through it.  

This could take years.  

But at least I'm trying. 

If starting my own business and pursuing a dream can make each morning something exciting to wake up to, instead of just go through the motions for, then it's worth it. 

If doing something completely different and new can allow me extra time with my husband and my kids, then it's worth it. 

If taking a leap and not looking back can offer a freedom I didn't know was possible, then it's worth it. 

This is really just a post to ramble and collect some of my thoughts about this, so that I can return to this post later on and gauge how far I've come. 

Until Next Time, 
Much love, Reba

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