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Monday, June 6, 2016

More Sprinkles

This past weekend, I got to have some "me time" where I wandered around Target, Kirkland's, TJ Maxx, and Books-a-Million without an agenda and without a time limit.  It was glorious!

However, while in Target, my heartstrings were pulled just a tad.  As I meandered by the summer dishes and tablecloths, my eyes latched onto a sweet display of placemats and cups, etc, for children.
I can't find a link online, but it was an assortment of plasticware with the words "More Sprinkles!" decorating each item.

Oh, how fun Summertime can be.  How carefree! How joyful!  How spontaneous!

But not for T1s. Spontaneity doesn't exist in our family anymore.  We must. plan. everything.

So, to see this small, materialistic exhibit of carefree moments that I will never get to experience with my oldest is heart-wrenching.  It leaves me longing for Heaven, where I'm sure my son will get to have the biggest ice cream sundae with a million sprinkles on it.  And, where, I'm sure, that sundae will wait patiently as it's left on the streets of gold while my son goes to lay down face first before Jesus in worship.

One can only hope.

So, sprinkles are a reminder to me that our day is coming.  Our day will soon be here where we won't have to count any carbs, and where we won't have to lug around a blood-sugar meter, an insulin pump, a CGM, and Glucagon.  A day is coming.  The perfect, sprinkle-filled, worshipful day.

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba

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