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Friday, May 27, 2016

Color Me Happy: A Painting Update

So, it's no secret that Aaron and I dislike hate painting.  "Hate hate hate. Double hate.  Loathe entirely." (Name that movie.)

We made a pact that if we ever chose to paint a room in our new house, we'd hire professionals.

So..... we did.  Because, let's face it-- our master bathroom and our laundry room left little to be desired-- and when I say "little" I mean "both whole rooms needed a makeover."

The choice of paint color in the master bathroom was easy.  Sherwin Williams "Sea Salt."  It's a light gray-green with hints of light blue and even a silver sheen.  So so pretty.  So awful to photograph. Pictures just do not give any justice to the true serene nature of this color.

For the laundry room, a voice deep inside me said to "go bold."  Deep purple or deep teal.  My practical side said "go neutral.  Choose a light white, or an off white, or something that won't overwhelm you."  So I studied light colors.  And, I chose to follow my original instinct.  Okay, so deep purple might have been a bit much, so we chose another Sherwin Williams color (since we were already picking that brand for our bathroom).  We went with a deep teal called Federated Blue.

Both rooms, in their "pre" state were a buttery yellow.  The master bathroom had some choice stenciling done, and the laundry room had a decal that my sister-in-law accurately described as "cheeky."

Here's the "Before" pictures of the Master Bathroom.  The white stalks on the wall formerly had decorative birdhouses hung on the wall at the top of the poles.  Aaron offered these bird houses to a church member who gladly took them off our hands.

The "Before" pictures of the laundry room.

The "After" pictures of the Master Bathroom.

And the "After" pictures of the laundry room.

The painter liked both colors, but was very pleased with the laundry room color.  He said it was really bold and he thought that was cool.

I am SO happy with how these rooms turned out!  The painters had it completed by 5:30 in the evening, and I was left with two beautiful rooms!  Hiring painters was such an awesome decision.  It took me over three months to paint our master bathroom in our other house because I hate painting that much.

These painters did an exceptional job and I couldn't be happier!

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba

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  1. Both rooms look fantastic!!!! I love when people go bold with paint and doing it in the laundry room was a safe idea. Great job.

    Also, the movie quote is from The Grinch!