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Monday, January 16, 2017

Big boy beds

For the longest time, my boys have slept on crib mattresses.  Michael has slept on a toddler bed frame with a crib mattress for a couple of years now, and Noah has slept on a converted crib-to-toddler bed for about a year and a half.

When we moved into our new home in April, I still wanted the boys to share a room. They are not quite 17 months apart, and I feel like sharing a room is the best set-up for them now.  They get along pretty well, and they don't disturb each other at night (whether that's from Michael's blood sugar checks or Noah's request to be covered up at 3:00am).

I knew that Michael would outgrow his crib mattress soon since he is so tall.  So, lately, I've been on the search for twin mattresses for them. Eventually I think I want them to be in bunk beds, but I don't think they're responsible enough right now.  It might be more of a temptation to pretend like it's a mountain and jump off.  Therefore, the twin mattresses would reside on the floor.

I found a good deal on wayfair.com and decided to take the leap. I had never ordered a mattress online before, but I felt pretty good about the quality and I couldn't pass up free shipping!

The mattresses arrived about a week ago and they've sat in our living room untouched.  Taking apart a toddler bed and a crib was not motivating us to get our act together.  However, today I was off of work and highly motivated. Therefore, I moved the toddler bed into our spare room and I'll have Aaron deconstruct it later on.  I then grabbed our Allen-wrenches and deconstructed the crib.  Once the little beds were out of the way, I opened up the mattress boxes.

These mattresses were wrapped up so tight and deflated of all air!  As soon as their fabric touched air again, they started inflating!  It was really cool.  The little instruction card said it would take 2 to 3 hours to fully inflate.

I spent part of that time rearranging their room. I had to move out their yellow rocking chair to the living room. I'm hoping to have it reupholstered this year.  I moved their bookshelf across the room only to have to move it right back where it was. I wish I hadn't put ALL of the books in it as soon as I moved it this first time because I had to empty it again and move it right back across the room.

I had to change the direction of noah's mattress. His crib had fit into the little nook in the room but this new mattress was too long for that nook. 

To while away the rest of the 2-3 hour period, we loaded up and headed to Target for the boys to pick out their own sheet set. I didn't have any twin sets so I figured having them pick out their own sets might be fun.  Noah picked Mickey. Michael picked Pok√©mon. *insert major sigh from me here*

Here's our "before sheets" picture:

And here's our "after sheets" picture:

Naptime didn't go as planned. Neither one of them slept. They stayed in their beds but did not sleep. I'm hoping bedtime goes a bit better!

Until next time,
Much love, Reba

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