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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Our Christmas and New Years holiday was very relaxing.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was spent with both sides of our family (my parents on Christmas Eve, and my in-laws on Christmas Day).

The garlic herb cheese bombs were a hit!  In fact, I'm making them again tomorrow to take to a food fellowship at the women's Bible study I attend on Wednesday nights.

On Christmas morning, the boys opened up their stockings from "Santa."  Michael was disappointed that he didn't get a Wii-U in his stocking.  I told him that sometimes Santa tells Mommy and Daddy what he wants, and Mommy and Daddy get to go buy it.  Therefore, about 20 minutes later, Michael and Noah opened one of their "joint gifts" to find a Wii-U!  Michael is obsessed with it.

Noah did not care a lick about opening gifts.  He was more interested in his bag of M&M's in his stocking and in his "Holiday Pooper" candy toy-- which Aaron and I bought on a whim for their stockings.  Both boys got one-- Michael got a snowman and Noah got a penguin.  It's a little plastic toy where you insert candy balls into a trap door at the back of the head, and then you wind up the toy and it walks while pooping out the candy.  Noah must have played with this little penguin non-stop all morning until it was time for church.

The day after Christmas is my dad's birthday, so we enjoyed dinner over there that evening.  Michael and Noah both enjoyed the ice cream cake.

It was back to work for us the following morning-- me for a 4 day workweek, and Aaron for a 3 day workweek as he was given Friday the 30th off of work.  He was also given December 23rd off of work, so he had two 4-day weekends back to back while I got two 3-day weekends.  Friday the 30th was such a long day for me since Aaron and the boys were home and I had to work (from home).

We really soaked up this past weekend in full relaxation mode.  Although the Christmas holidays were fun, they were busy and we did not get a full chance to unwind.  Plus, I kept thinking that Monday December 26th was actually a Saturday and was then quite disappointed to keep reminding myself that it was actually a Monday and that I had to return to work the following day.  This weekend was much more low key, and I did not have trouble remembering that yesterday was a Monday.

Last night was a very rough night on us.  Michael went low twice before 2:00am.  So we were both up at different times to administer chocolate milk and jelly.  Then, poor Aaron has had a respiratory issue for about 3 weeks now which means much snoring at night.  Unfortunately, this is something my body simply cannot stand and I wake constantly during these episodes.  I so desired my bed, but I was torn between going to the couch just to get some sleep!  :)  We have both remarked to each other today that we are very worn out from lack of sleep.  I have a feeling it will be an early bedtime for us tonight.

This year will be full of changes for us.  I've been very consistent with my workouts and eating habits for a couple of weeks now and am feeling very good!  I even fit into a couple of pairs of pants that I had not worn since last January!

I'll write soon about our very busy January and February.

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba

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