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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

B-Day Fun!

On my birthday, I took the day off of work to hang out with my little boys! It was a blast!

After breakfast, the boys and I went to my mom and dad's house. We hung out with my mom, dad, and brother for a while. After lunch, my mom and I took the boys with us to Kohl's to do some birthday shopping. Kohl's is always a fun place to shop because they always have fantastic sales if you're willing to do a little hunting.  Mom spent around $50 and saved $189! Now that's a deal!

I got six shirts and a dress. I tried to pick things that were different color schemes and patterns from what I already had. I wore a new shirt to work nearly everyday during the next week.

After Kohl's, we drove through the Starbucks drive-through and ordered mocha frappuccinos with toffee-nut syrup. 

 I took some birthday selfies with the boys when we got back to mom's house. Soon, Aaron showed up with a Venti mocha Frappuccino with toffee-nut syrup for my birthday I gift! He knows what I like. I was so pleased to have another one to enjoy! It was definitely a birthday treat.

 That night, Aaron & I made creamy spinach and sausage pasta for supper. This is a one pot wonder and we totally love it! We enjoyed some brownies and ice cream later on and watched one of our favorite shows--"Vikings."

 It was a fantastic birthday, to be sure! Here's to a great year of being 26! Bring on the fun!

Here are the birthday photos:

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