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Friday, May 2, 2014

Michael: 20 Months

*I began writing this post on Monday, April 28th, when Michael turned 20 Months old.

Dear Michael,

You are 20 months old today!  That means, in 4 months, we will be celebrating your 2nd birthday!  I already have a few ideas in my mind about a party theme.

You are such a sweet, sweet big brother!  Yesterday, I watched as you walked over to Noah while he was in the swing.  You crouched down in front of him and touched his Mommy-blankie and jibber-jabbered to him using your newest sound "zzzzzz."  I took a picture of you and him, and I took a short video of you chatting to him.  Noah looked at you very intently like he knew what you were saying was of the utmost importance!  :)  I imagine you were telling him that Mommy-blankies are very special and that he has his very own set to hold onto and cuddle.

You are in an interesting phase of life right now.  You've suddenly become a very opinionated, picky eater.  One day you'll like something, and the next day you don't want anything to do with it.  Actually, on Easter Sunday,  I offered you a cup of Enfagrow Toddler Drink (vanilla flavored milk drink).  I tasted it first and didn't think it was good at all.  You, however, took a drink and said "Mmm!" You guzzled down the 6 ounces I prepared, held out your cup to me and said "oh! oh! oh!" (which, among other things, means 'more').  I prepared another 6 ounces, handed your cup back to you, and you took a sip, shook your head and held out the cup for me to take away.  I stuck the cup in the fridge for a few hours, and tried to give it to you later on.  You took a swallow, shook your head, and handed the cup back to me.  I then handed you a sippy of plain milk, and you guzzled it right down.  So, that's an example of something you liked one minute and disliked 5 minutes later.

Here are some of your stats:

Clothes:  You wear 2T and 3T shirts.  The 3T shirts are pretty big on you, but it's nice to have some growing room!  Hopefully you'll be in this size for a while.  You wear 2T and 3T shorts.  Your legs aren't long enough to wear 3T pants, but we aren't having very many days lately where you'd have to wear pants. 

Diapers:  We have bumped you up a size!  You now wear size 5 diapers.  You still wear Kirkland Signature diapers and we like them very much.  We have also bought a box of Huggies Overnight diapers in size 5 and they are working out just as well as the size 4's did.

Eating: This is hit or miss.  You do have a few constant favorites, though, such as: whole milk, peach fruit cups, bananas, Goldfish and Golden Graham cereal (left dry in your snack cup).  Recently, you have liked shredded cheese and cheese slices again, and you'll eat a Go-gurt yogurt tube if I squeeze it into a bowl or hold it for you to lick.  A new favorite is cinnamon applesauce and "dessert-flavored" Goldfish (vanilla cupcake flavored--which,, by the way, is SOO good!,  Cinnamon bun flavored, and Strawberry Shortcake flavored).  You also like spicy foods!  And you love to eat Ketchup if we put it on your plate for french fries, fish sticks, or chicken bites.

Sleeping: Fabulous!  You are a great sleeper!  You take at least one nap a day-- and sometimes that nap can be 1/5-2 Hours long!  Normally, it's between 45 minutes to an hour.  You go to bed between 7:00 and 7:30.  If you wake up prior to 8:00 am, you definitely warrant a second nap.  At bedtime, you are great!  The other night, we had to wake you up at 1:00 am to go into our safe place during the tornado warning.  After it was over at 2:00am, we put you back in your crib, turned on your night lights again, and you fell right to sleep!  We were elated and relieved. 

Toys:  You love to play with balls, dump trucks, Hot Wheels, and basically any car/motorcycle toy of any kind.  If the toy doesn't make sound, you will provide the sound for the toy.  You love to play in the sandbox-- especially with sticks and dump trucks. You love anything to do with being outside and you dislike coming inside very very much!

Words:  Your latest fun word is "wow!"  You will charm the church congregation by shouting it at important parts of the sermon.  You now say a very clear "Mama" and point to me when you say it.  It melts my heart.  :)  You can also say "shoes." You sometimes say "hempa (Grandpa) and "hemma" (Grandma) if prompted and bribed by mini M&Ms.

Bathtime: You are still a bath lover and you say "bubble!" when we put you in the tub.

You are able to climb now, which is what you have done in the picture below.  When Mommy gets up from her chair, it's time for Michael to take it!

Here, you are posing for Grandma Dana to take a picture of you.  Totally toddler. 

Michael, you are a joy and we love you dearly.  You brighten our world and it is better because of your presence in it.  We love watching you grow and we love seeing you interact with your brother.  You are very loved and cherished.  I love you forever, sweet boy.  Love, Mommy.

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