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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Heart Strings

Dear Future Adopted Daughter,


We are eagerly anticipating your arrival! We already love you so very much and you already hold a special place in our hearts. 


I am looking forward to the day when I can begin buying all the cutesy girlie things out there in the stores. These days, everywhere I turn, there are special things made just for girls: pink baby bathtubs, pink walkers, pink bibs, even pink Dr.Brown's bottles!


One day, I will make use of these products. One day, I will fill up a third of my laundry basket with little girl clothes at the consignment sale. One day, I'll have to look up on Pinterest how to untangle Barbie hair. One day, I'll have more of an excuse to buy pastel finger nail polish. One day we will hold you in our arms and you will have a forever home.


How I long for that day!


Right now, it seems so far away. Nearly unattainable. I doubt, at this point in my life, that you have even been conceived. But I am already praying for your birth mother. I pray that she cares for you while you grow inside of her. I pray that she hums songs to you and drinks plenty of water. I pray for a safe labor & delivery for her and for you. I pray that she experiences the peace that passes understanding as she gives you to us to have as our daughter forever.


I want you to know that you are deeply loved, Little One. We have loved you from the start- and even before it! Jesus has crafted you to be a member of our family and our home.


I pray that we instruct you well. I pray that you will see the radiance of Christ through the lives that your father and I lead. I pray that you always feel safe, secure, and loved. Because you are, Dear One. Forever.


I pray that you ask Jesus into your heart at a young age and that you always choose to follow Him.


I joyfully anticipate the day when we meet you for the first time and get to bring you home with us. How I long for that day. How I long for that day.


Precious daughter, you are so very dearly loved. Love, Mommy



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