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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Noah: 11 Months

Dearest Noah,

Goodness gracious, how does time fly!  I can't believe that you'll be one year old next month!  You are such a small little guy that it's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that you're quickly growing up! 

You are spunky, determined, inquisitive, mischievous, and funny.  You know what you want and you will stop at nothing to get it!  Remote controller? No problem! Dog hair in your mouth? Bring it on!  You are a lightning speed crawler and you quickly get to whatever it is you are seeking out.

You're totally still in your "only Mommy" phase.  This simultaneously melts my heart and breaks it.  I so desire for you to always want to cuddle me, but I also don't mind admitting that it would be nice to hand you over to your dad, or uncle, or grandma, or grandpa without a cascade of tears and loud cries. I know that someday I will read over this post with gobs of tissues in my hands and sobbing at the fact that you are more interested in playing with legos or nerf guns than cuddling your Mommy.

You can still wear 9-month onesies and pants.  The pants are getting a little short, but your waist is still so small that 12-month pants don't particularly stay on you very well.  I am busy transitioning out your 9-month clothes and incorporating 12-month clothes.  It's so odd to me to have a baby who wears clothes that are sized at a number less than his age!  You are so cuddly and cute and small that it makes it that much harder to think that you'll be one next month!

You wear size 4 diapers-- Costco brand during the day and Huggies Overnight at bedtime.  You have a bit of a cough right now, but most nights you sleep from 6:30p.m. until I wake you at 6:30a.m. to get ready for "school."  On the weekends, and other days when you're not in "school", you can sleep until 7:30 or even 8:30 and I totally let you. 

You are a very jovial baby. You are always looking for ways to make people smile. I absolutely LOVE this characteristic!  You're our dancer baby.  You groove along to the music in the car or on TV shows, movies, or commercials.  You'll pause mid-crawl to give a little shake if you really like the song.  "If You're Happy and You Know It" is your jam.  This song was made for you!  You can rock it out by clapping twice at the appropriate times and you wiggle wiggle wiggle during the rest of the song.  As soon as you hear this song, your face lights up and you sport a huge grin-- you react this way to this song even if you're sick!

You had your first ear infection this month at the same time as your brother.  You didn't much care for your anti-biotic and I didn't care for the poopy diapers that accompanied it.  We were both elated when you took your last dose of the medicine, and your ears seem to be all better!  You currently have a little bit of a cold with a pesky cough that won't quite leave you alone.  Hopefully over the Christmas holidays, you'll fully recover.

You have two top teeth now, but they aren't totally visible to everyone-- only to those with whom you care to share your secret by leaning back very far and opening your mouth. :)  You like to view the world from the upside-down perspective when I hold you on my lap.

You love the Christmas tree and particularly like holding onto the non-breakable ornaments I hand to you to keep you entertained during diaper changes or when I just want to hold you in my lap to keep you from finding dog hair and putting it in your mouth.

Noah, you are sweet, funny, and endearing.  I love you to pieces.  You are a great little brother to Michael and you are just the humorous little guy that we need in our lives when diabetes brings gray clouds.  You're the sunshine and you've always got a smile to share.

I pray you seek Jesus earnestly and always.  You can be a wonderful reflection of the light that He gives.  Your kindness and humorous attitude will be ever-needed in this world.  I love you, Noah dearest.  Thank-you for your constant smiles and the laughter you provide.

Love, Mommy

Until Next Time,

Much love,


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