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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve to you all!  I hope your holidays have been ever so merry thus far.  Our days have been full and nothing short of busy.  I am looking forward to a string of days off of work to rest and recuperate!  I will work on Christmas Eve, and after that, I am off until New Year's Eve!  These are days that I typically never take off of work, so it will be a nice change to wake up each day and drink a whole cup of coffee before I have to go anywhere. 

Notice that I didn't say "sleep in" at all.  I know that won't happen.  Michael is a 6:00am on the dot kind of guy.  Hopefully, with careful monitoring of blood sugar, he can sleep in a little bit on his break from daycare.  I'm hoping that Noah can sleep in some, as well, since he is usually the one I'm having to wake up to get ready for school.  It would be nice to let these little boys get some needed rest and recover from the colds that they are still carrying around. 

Yesterday, we got a nice surprise at home.  Aaron got off earlier than expected and got down our remaining Christmas decorations!  (Yes, we really did wait until December 22nd to do so-- unintentionally).  He hung up our stockings and extra ornaments on the tree, he set up some additional Nativity people (shepherds and angels), he strung some lights on the bushes out front (the first time we've ever hung up lights at our house), he put the tree-skirt around the tree, and arranged some presents underneath, and the most meaningful thing of all to one certain two-year-old was the establishment of the Christmas Star on top of the tree.  :)  We currently live in a Winter Wonderland.  Just these few added decorations make our home feel so much more cozy and Christmasy. 

I have been enjoying my time in the morning by watching some Hallmark and ABC Family Christmas movies.  Sure, they're cheesy but cute just the same.  And they all have a certain way of filling me up with the warmth of the season.  So far, I have watched "Christmas Under Wraps" with Candace Cameron Bure, and "Holiday in Handcuffs" with Melissa Joan Hart.  I love "A Season for Miracles" and I'm hoping to catch it on Hallmark sometime this week.  I recorded "Unlikely Angel" with Dolly Parton, but I was really hoping that I could find an airing of "Smoky Mountain Christmas" somewhere.  Now that movie has a theme song that can get stuck in your head!

Aaron and I have watched "The Santa Clause" (we only like the first one), "Christmas With the Kranks," "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" with Jim Carrey, and "Home Alone" thus far.  I'm hoping to watch "A Christmas Carol" (the animated one with Jim Carrey), "Home Alone 2," and my ultimate ultimate favorite:  "Prancer."  And, if you're a "Prancer" buff like I am, you'll know that today is the best day to watch that movie because Jessica Riggs has to get Prancer back to Santa on December 23rd-- which is today!  Perfect day to watch the movie. 

In other news, our dishwasher decided that it was skipping Christmas this year, and about 99.2% of the time it decides that it's not going to fully communicate within itself and let us start a load of dishes, even when it's in the locked and loaded (pun intended) position. So, I've been experiencing the pioneer days (joking) by hand-washing all of our dishes.  In the dishwasher's defense, we bought it on clearance in August of 2013, so it's served a good run.  We have researched dishwashers via "Consumer Reports" and have picked out what we will replace ours with.  We plan to go get this new addition later on this week, or on New Years Eve after I get off work since Aaron is off that day.

Now, lunch break is over and I must return to work.  After the completion of this work day and the errands I have to run after work (assuming that Aaron gets off early and gets the boys-- if not, no errand running for me) I get to go home and relax in the glow of Christmas tree lights, until tomorrow when I return to work. 

Oh, and for a little Christmas cheer, here is the main picture we used for our Christmas cards:

Yes, they are as cute as they look!  I am so blessed to be their Mommy!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!

Until Next Time,

Much Love,

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  1. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks so much for putting me on your blog roll, look forward to reading more post by you. Take care.