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Monday, November 28, 2016

Let's Talk: Christmas Traditions

Today I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for their Let’s Talk series.  Christmas Traditions take center stage today, and here’s ours!

As I’m sitting in my dining room this morning, getting started with my work day, I have a prime time view of the street I live on.  One by one, the cars pass by my house taking their drivers to work once again.  The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is over, and it’s back to reality for most of us.  I, for one, got way too used to not using my alarm clock and had a rude awakening at 5:40 this morning. But, alas, here I am sitting at a table and writing on a laptop. 

Yesterday afternoon, we decorated our home for Christmas.  We don’t go wild and crazy, but I can say that the outside of our house is more decorated this year than any year prior in our 7 years of marriage thus far. 

Our Christmas traditions are still evolving since our little ones are just now reaching the age when they get super excited about Christmas. 

Last night, both boys helped me decorate our tree, and I plan to leave all ornaments exactly where they placed them! :)  I hung our fancier ornaments on the top part of the tree, and I made sure to hang the “playable” and unbreakable ornaments on the bottom part.  The boys really got into it and decorated most of the bottom half of the tree themselves.

We have a fabric Christmas Advent calendar with Velcro shepherds, a dog, cows, donkeys, wise men, gifts, camels, angels, a dove, a star, and the Baby Jesus.  The boys know that we get to put up the first character-- a shepherd-- on Thursday

We plan to read the Christmas story while the boys act it out with their plastic nativity-- of which the spare Baby Jesus is safely tucked away in the box just in case the current one gets lost during play.

I’m also hoping that we get to attend the town tree lighting tonight.  We attended the tree lighting ceremony last year in our tiny little town, and we’ve moved since then to a bigger town and I’d like to attend the Christmas tree lighting here.  The parade is not until Friday night, and it starts pretty late, so I’d like to take the boys to the festivities tonight just in case we miss the parade on Friday night.

I’d really like to find a Christmas Eve service to attend.  Those are my absolute favorites—with the candles and the Christmas music, and the overall sense of joy.  We’ll have church service on Christmas morning at our church, but we’re not having a Christmas Eve service, so I’d like to find a local one to attend.

Making roll-out-dough Christmas cookies is also something we all look forward to.  And, driving around to check out Christmas lights is on our list for this month, too.

This is such a magical time of year and I’m really enjoying watching my boys find the joy of the season.  My 4-year-old is really grasping it.  My 2-year-old doesn’t quite understand yet, but he likes all of the lights and decorations. 

I’ll be sharing our Christmas décor next Tuesday, so be sure to tune in for that!

Until Next Time,
Much Love, Reba

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