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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ab-solution??? Absolutely!

Ok, I have a new favorite brand of jeans. Wit & Wisdom from Nordstrom.  Now, I don't have a Nordstrom nearby, so I order online.  Free shipping, free returns-- can't be beat!

Upon a random browse of the Nordstrom site, I noticed that the Wit & Wisdom "Ab-solution" jeans were on sale.  They are typically $68 and they were marked down 40%.  I read reviews, and I do particularly like the reviews on this site.  First of all, Nordstrom tells you under the "Fit & Details" drop down menu, whether the article of clothing is True to Size (TTS) or they'll suggest that you size up or size down, etc.  Very helpful.  Next, I read the reviews from actual customers.  They usually line up with what Nordstrom has said-- as far as fit goes.  I then choose the size I think will fit best.

Once these jeans arrived, I tried them on really fast before I washed them.  Oh my goodness. They were so comfortable!  The "ab-solution" jeans are equipped with an elastic band on the inside of the jean waistline.  They are also made with some stretchy material, which aids in all the bending down and sitting and walking that any woman has to do-- especially moms and those who work at desks.  On the inside of the jeans, right where the front pockets are, two panels of elastic banding are sewn in, which help keep the "mommy pudge" in it's place.

I washed these and wore them the next day and TOOK A NAP IN THEM because they were that comfortable!

I keep stalking the Nordstrom site looking to see these restocked, and I'm even debating paying full price for them.  They are so worth it.

The Ab-solution style comes in straight leg, like the one I got in their indigo color, and they also have straight leg black jeans and "itty bitty bootcut" options as well.

Until Next Time,
Much Love, Reba

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