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Thursday, March 8, 2012

15 Weeks

We are 15 weeks along! 

This morning we had a doctor's appointment.  Dad came with me since Aaron was at work.  True to his word, the doctor used the doppler to hear Little Baby P.'s heartbeat.  On the first try, Little Baby P.'s precious heartbeat could be heard loud and clear.  The confident "swish-swish" sound made my heart very happy!  It was cool that Dad could be with me and could hear his grandchild's heartbeat.  The doctor was very impressed with the heartbeat and said it is very strong.  Little Baby P.'s heart rate is 155.  This is quite a change from the rate of 141 we heard during our first ultrasound 2 months ago.  Usually baby heart rates in the 140s are indicative of a boy, and heart rates in the 150s are indicative of a girl.  Now that Little Baby P. has crossed through both of those areas, my guesses as to gender are all up in the air now.

(Photo credit: joystiq.com)

After hearing what the heart rate was, I said "Now I don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl!" and the doctor said "Me neither!" 

He could feel where the baby is and said that Little Baby P. is growing at just the right rate.  He is very pleased and is excited for what's to come.  He told me that during the next visit, we will get to have an ultrasound and will find out if Little Baby P. is a boy or a girl. :)  I am very excited for that visit!  I made sure to schedule it in the afternoon so Aaron can come with me as we get our good news.  It will be good news either way.  Aaron and I have no preference as to whether Little Baby P. is a boy or a girl.  It will be so fun to see Little Baby P. kick and dance during the ultrasound. :)

I'm afraid that I am about to get on the Emotional Pregnant Lady Roller-Coaster ride. 

(Photo credit: psychotherapybrownbag.com)

This week I got teary at the ASPCA commercial and tearfully asked Aaron why people abuse animals and why can't it just stop. Even listening to sad stories has recently struck a major cord and it's hard to keep down the tears.  

Each week I gain a little more energy and am able to stay up a little later each night.  I'm still pretty stubborn, though, and when I get tired I refuse to go to the bed until Aaron is ready.  That means I still fall asleep on the couch while Aaron plays a nightly xbox game.

Going to sleep early doesn't really bother me, though, because I know Little Baby P. benefits from rest.

This Week:

-Little Baby P.'s head is resting on the neck instead of on the shoulders.
-Little Baby P. is constantly dancing and I am paying extra close attention to feel any flutters that could be our little baby.  So far, I think I have felt one.  :)  I'm very anxious to feel more!
-Little Baby P. grows eyelashes and eyebrows this week.
-Hair on the head begins to grow.
-Little Baby P. can sense light (though the eyelids are still sealed shut).
-Little Baby P. is practicing sucking and swallowing and is probably hiccuping along the way!  When Little Baby P. gets a little bigger, I will be able to feel the little thump-thumps of the hiccups.
-Little Baby P. weighs about 2 ounces and is 4 inches long.  That's the length of one Kit-Kat finger:

(Photo credit: allwomenstalk.com)

and about the size of an orange:

(Photo credit: wisdia.com)

My Cravings:

-This week I am still on the sour kick.  Our fridge stays stocked in Country Time Lemonade that we mix up every other day or so.
-I made Coffee-Toffee bars this week.  I used decaf instant coffee so I could enjoy a few extra cookies :)
-Poppyseed chicken and broccoli on the side-- Yes, this became a dinner one night this week and it hit the spot, and made great leftovers for the next day's lunch!

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue along our blessed journey.  Thank-you for the prayers so far.  We requested and prayed for a Strong heartbeat for Little Baby P. and God blessed us with that today.  Thank-you for praying for us and we thank-you for the prayers to come!  Love, Reba

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