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Friday, March 30, 2012

18 Weeks

We have hit 18 weeks!  That's four and a half months! 

From today's date, it's 5 months until Little Baby P.'s due date.  We can't believe how fast our pregnancy is going, and we're still very excited about everything that is to come!

In one week, we will find out if Little Baby P. is a boy or a girl! At the beginning of the pregnancy, I thought this moment would never come! Now it's only a week away!

I still think that I'm more excited to see Little Baby P.'s profile and to see how much he or she is moving around than I am about finding out the gender.  That's probably because we are totally fine either way-- whether Little Baby P. is a sweet little girl or sweet little boy. 

We have quite a water baby!  Little Baby P. loves to swim around the womb.  Today our little baby was doing slow motion somersaults.  It was interesting to feel the back and forth movement created by Little Baby P.'s motions.

This Week:
-Little Baby P.'s bones begin ossification-- that means that all of the bones start to harden.
-Little Baby P.'s nerves are making more complex connections.  Myelin, which is a substance that makes nerve connections travel faster, is starting to coat Little Baby P.'s nerves.
-Little Baby P.'s senses (hearing, sight, smell, and taste are developing.
-Tiny teeth have started to form.
-Little Baby P. is still busy gaining fat all over his or her little body.
-The ears are facing forward and Little Baby P. can hear sounds like my heartbeat and talking.
-Little Baby P. weighs between 5 and 7 ounces, and is about 5 and a half inches long.  That's about the size of those large dill pickles that kids are dying to buy at Little League baseball games:

(Photo credit: twistingthespanner.com)

Since Little Baby P. can hear us now, we decided to begin reading children's books after work and right before bed.  We have borrowed some books from family, and have recently bought our very own first children's book entitled "Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site."

(Photo credit: betterworldbooks.com)

This is such a cute book and the pictures are amazing.  I'm sure it will remain one of Little Baby P.'s favorites.

Now if only there was a book entitled "Goodnight Goodnight VA Worksite." :)

My Cravings:
-Root beer. The fact that it's caffeine free and not Sprite makes it very appealing. :)
-Grilled meat (Thankfully, I'm married to a wonderful grill master!)
-Fresh fruit--can't get enough! This week's choices have been pears, kiwis, strawberries, tiny tangerines, red & green apples, and red grapes. Yum yum yum.
-Ice water-- it's gotta have ice! This might be due to the fact that our weather is very warm these days.  Ice water gives Little Baby P. and me that refreshment that we need.

Tonight, Aaron and I are probably going to go on a Target date and add some items to our baby registry.  :)

Thanks so much for your continued prayers.  We are excited to find out the gender of Little Baby P. and share the news with you in one week!  Love, Reba

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