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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Things We Like So Far...

Today, Michael is 2 weeks old!  During our first 2 weeks together, there are certain things we have found to be extremely helpful in our day-to-day life and I thought I'd share them with you.  Now, this list won't consist of any toys since Little Michael is more entertained by playing with his hands, eating, and sleeping. The list is more about how certain products have made Aaron and my life as parents a little easier. So, here we go:

The Space Saver Seat-n-Swing.  This swing has 5 speeds, two levels of music volume, and a vibration effect.  It's a life-saver!  Michael is content in this thing whether he's awake or napping!  It's a nice tool to have when I need to check on dinner in the kitchen, or when I need to take care of other household "chores", or when Aaron and I want to eat dinner at the same time instead of in shifts.  The swing is portable enough to move into the bathroom so I can get a shower and still be able to watch Michael.  This swing has certainly been a blessing to us!

Graco Pac-n-Play with Bassinet and Changing Station.  On our first night home from the hospital, Aaron and I attempted to put Michael in his cradle.  Well, after several "scream-cries" we decided that Michael wasn't quite ready for that yet.  Needless to say, the first night was spent with Michael resting in the arms of my mom, Aaron, and myself.  The very next day, Aaron assembled the Pack-n-Play and lo and behold, Michael LOVED it!  He took a long afternoon nap in it, and was also quite happy to lay in it and peer at the Living Room ceiling fan.  Aaron and I jumped at the opportunity to move the Pack-n-Play to our bedroom, which is where it is now and where it will stay for quite some time!  Having the Changing Station attachment is such a nice feature when I feel like saving my back from bending over a towel on the floor to change Michael's diapers. :) Michael loves loves loves the Bassinet of the Pack-n-Play and Aaron and I are so thankful for this gift!
Extra-large swaddling blanket, because, honestly, when your baby is 21 inches at birth, those 20"x20" receiving blankets just don't cut it. :)  I haven't found any swaddling blankets that are larger than 20"x20", but fortunately, Aunt Angela sewed two receiving blankets for us... the smaller of which is 30"x40".  We have recruited the sewing skills of T.M. (Randy)'s mom Grammie Joannie to make two more receiving blankets of this size for Michael.  Swaddling our Little Houdini in these large receiving blankets is just the ticket to keep him from flailing his arms and waking himself up while he tries to go to sleep. 
Pampers Diapers.  Let me say this again:  Pampers Diapers.  Right now, we're making use of Size 1.  Michael lasted less than a week in the Newborn size diapers.  We find that Pampers is the best fit right now for our baby.  To us, LUVS seem to run a little small, and Target's Up&Up seem to be extra big and leaky (aka, non-absorbent).  In addition to Pampers, we like Huggies.  To me and my sensitive nose, the Huggies seem to have a scent to them, but they work well.  They are slightly big, but they have tabs that can stretch to make the diaper fit snugly enough around Michael's tiny waist.  The Pooh design is cute and is mimicked on the Huggies wipes which are extra thick (which is good). The Pampers brand currently seems to be tailor-made to Michael.  The Baby Sesame Street design is fun, but we tell Michael that Sesame Street is not what it used to be. (He will watch the "originals" on YouTube someday). :)
A Wonderful Husband.  Aaron is such an awesome Dad!  He loves cuddling Michael, dancing with Michael in his arms, cheering Michael on during Tummy Time, feeding Michael bottles of breastmilk, and even changing diapers (I know!)  He's an amazing husband, a fantastic best friend, and an outstanding father to our little boy (and our puppy)!  :)  I am a very blessed wife and mommy, and we are a very blessed family.  Michael is a good baby who is happy 90% of the time. (To reiterate from the last post, Michael is only unhappy when he needs a diaper change, needs to be fed, or is tired and is trying to fight it.)
Thanks for catching up with us!  Here are some baby photos to keep you going til the next post:
Our Chubby-cheek Baby!

We know these first smiles aren't really on purpose, but he sure makes us laugh with his cute expressions!

Wide awake!

Supporting his chin with his hand.  He looks like a baby model!  (But I admit I'm biased). :)
Keep the prayers coming!  They are always appreciated!  Much love, Reba

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