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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Update: 3 Weeks Old

Today, Michael is 3 weeks old!  Next week we will have our One Month Appointment. At times, it's hard to believe that it's only been 3 weeks since Michael was born; sometimes it feels like much longer.  Then, at other times, it's hard to believe that he's 3 weeks old and already so different from the newborn Michael. 

We've made lots of strides forward in our weeks together.  Everday it gets easier to be a Mom.  Aaron and I were talking last night about what has been easy and what has been really hard.  Parenthood definitely isn't what we've expected, but it's better.  We have had some challenges to be sure.  It's always difficult to adapt to change-- no matter where you are in life.  So, we have been dealing with some of the challenges that have come with this life change.  There's a bit of grieving for sure since the carefree life we had as a married couple is put on hold for the moment as we are completely dedicated to the needs of our little boy.  He is such a precious baby and we are very blessed! 

Last night was our first fussy night as Michael had a bit of trouble remembering that he had recently eaten.  And I had a bit of trouble deciding when to feed my child who was acting so hungry.  The results were a baby who had eaten too much, and a mommy who had been projectile spit-up on.    :( Not so wonderful.  It took a few hours to calm our little boy and to settle down his tiny stomach.  We got back on our regular feeding schedule and were rewarded with a fantastic night of sleep!  Michael went from 9:30pm to 2:30am!  Count it, folks!  That's 5 hours! Woo woo woo!  Today we experienced some fussy moments at my parents' house as Michael was communicating that he needed a clothes change from his footie pajamas to a cooler onesie. 

This afternoon was fantastic as Michael smiled on purpose!  My mom and I were cooing at him as I held him on our couch.  My mom looked at him and asked him if he liked his Daddy.  His face lit up in a HUGE GRIN!  Everytime we said the word Daddy, Michael smiled!  This was such a treat!  He's a super cute baby anyways, but when he smiles, he is absolutely DARLING! 

It's moments like that when I wish I could be home with him everyday. 

Holding his own blanket at naptime

Our messy little eater

Relaxing with Mommy

And ta-da! Here it is!  Our sweet smiling baby!
Please continue to keep us in your prayers!  Much love, Reba

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