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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Few Favorites

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things today. 

Although I wrote this post a few days before this "link-up" event, I still wanted to share it anyway and am linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals to share some favorites!

To start, let's take a look at these two cutie pies.  They bring me such joy and I'm so blessed beyond belief that God chose to put them in my life and let me be their mom.

Here's my little T1D Warrior:

And here's my smiley little man-- this one is always ready for a photo-op and I hope he never grows out of it:

I am SO excited about this season-changing wreath!!! I ordered it from an Etsy shop (Hopscotch and Honey) and it is so cute!  It is a custom-ordered piece that I read about on another blog (her sister makes the wreaths) and I really wanted to order one.  I got to choose what size and color I wanted the wreath to be (I chose an 8" wreath in gray yarn to accent my kitchen walls, and because I thought gray would be a nice neutral base for all of the changing season accoutrements!).  I also got to choose whether I wanted traditional add-ons or whimsical and fun.  Obviously I chose whimsical and fun!  Each month, I will get to put a new set of flowers, or a banner (or both!) onto the wreath and I am so so so excited about it!  The wreath and all of the add-ons came in such a pretty package and that's one of the reasons why I love ordering from Etsy.  I get to give myself a gift that makes me feel so special when I open it.  Everything packaged so neatly and sweetly-- I love it.  Here's the July version of the wreath:

Here's how the wreath came packaged:

Here's the wreath wrapped in tissue paper and baker's twine, and all of the labeled add-ons-- to include a container of straight pins to hang the banners.  I am SO happy with how it turned out and I can't wait to change the add-ons each month!

Here's Michael going through the car-wash.  He got an ear infection last week and told Grandma Chips (my mother-in-law who keeps the boys during the day) that he would feel better if he got to go through the car-wash, so she obliged him!  So sweet.  Noah isn't too much of a fan of the car-wash. He still gets a little nervous when the car goes in this tunnel and soap surrounds all of the windows. I can see how that would be a bit unsettling. Michael, on the other hand, LOVES it. Hey, man, whatever floats your boat. :)  Grandma Chips snapped this picture when they were mid-wash. 

Here's my little bottomless pit.  This kid can eat.  This picture was taken a couple days ago when he was "finished" with his oatmeal.  Did he get any in his mouth?  Hmm.  Not sure.  But we love him anyway.

We discovered a while ago that these children love to play with brooms and dustpans.  Is that normal? I'm not sure-- these are my only kiddos.  I do remember wishing I had a tiny Dirt Devil vacuum as a little girl, but that's only because a friend of mine had one and I didn't realize that vacuuming isn't really that fun.  These boys, however, love a good broom.  Grandma Chips has a kid-size set for them to play with, so I decided to get a set for them to have at our own house.  They were so excited when I took it out of the box!  Noah sweeps and says "abba abba abba" meaning of course "sweepa sweepa sweepa" (an excerpt taken from an episode of Wallykazam when a character sweeps).  I consider this toy set a total Mom-score.  Be sure to play under the table and all around the kitchen, boys.  :)

Snacktime!  These little ones sure love their "coo" (a code-word for Greek yogurt).  Noah is able to tolerate yogurt and cheese, so we just stay away from dairy milk and we allow him to have other dairy products in a moderate amount.  These pictures were taken right after afternoon nap, so I apologize for the tired or grouchy faces.  :)

I hope you've enjoyed this edition of some of my favorites! 
What are some of your favorite things?

Until Next Time!

Much love,


  1. Reba!! I found you! It's Stephanie from Tons and Bunches. I've been trying to find your blog for forever and then a Reba commented on my blog and Mandy said the person who got the wreath was Reba. I searched and searched but couldn't find you. Then you commented again and your profile was finally public. I knew it had to be the same Reba. You're so sweet. Thank you for sharing Mandy's shop. She was so excited to make the wreath for you.

    1. I LOVE the wreath so so much! And I love reading your blog! I finally took the plunge and made mine public- took me forever, but here I am now! Thanks for reading!