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Friday, July 31, 2015

Being a Parent of Someone with Type 1

Today is going to be a random assortment of thoughts and feelings about Type One.  I'll include some memes that accurately depict what I feel as a parent of a child with Type One, and some memes will show how Michael probably feels as someone living with Type One.

I've also included a video clip from Ed Damiano.  He talks about the Bionic Pancreas.  Ed's son has Type One and Ed is designing the Bionic Pancreas in order to have it marketable before his son goes to college in two years.  Ed very very accurately describes what it's like to be a parent of someone with Type One.  Please watch.  This video is educational and very honest.

Also, this week, I had a cry-day.  As I mentioned in this post, I don't have these days very often anymore.  So, of course, on the day following that post, I had a day where I just felt defeated. 

On my desktop at work, I have this picture as my screen-saver:

Sometimes, I catch myself looking at Michael's sweet nearly-three-year-old face and I just break down and cry.  I don't know why Michael was chosen to have Type One.  I ache that I cannot take this from him.  But as much as I'm hurt and wondering why Michael has this illness, I do know that it wasn't a surprise to God.  He knew Michael's pancreas would fail and that Michael would need medical attention to survive every day.  I firmly believe that God has a plan for both of my children.  And as long as I'm here on this earth and get to be their mom, I will do my best to continually point them to Him.  For I know, without Him, I would fail.  And Type One isn't something I can handle alone.

I shared my thoughts with a dear friend of mine, and she responded in a beautiful way.  I wrote down part of what she said and I keep it at my desk as a reminder. 

"We don't know God's plan.  Maybe He brought this horrible thing into your life
for a grater purpose.  Maybe He's showing the devil
that you will still have faith & follow like Job.
And yet, sometimes we still feel like we are alone.
Partially because no other human we know
is going through the exact same thing at the same time we are.
But I would rather have God as my company and support
than any human."

And now for the memes!  Just remember, please read this in a light-hearted way.  I have a full Pinterest board dedicated to Type One Diabetes.   On that board are both humorous as well as serious pins about Type One.  I've chosen to share some of the more light-hearted ones here.  Sometimes, we must find even the slightest bit of humor in life in order to keep from constantly crying.

Memes for what I feel as a parent to someone with Type One:

Memes for what Michael might feel as someone living with Type One:

Until Next Time,

Much love,

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