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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pins of the South

It's funny to hear stereotypes of some places- especially if you live there or have visited and know the real story.  I've pinned a few things about "The South"-- things I have found to be accurate. 

My parents did not grow up here.  My mom grew up in the northeast and Midwest- namely Michigan most of the years.  My dad was born in Alabama but moved very early on to Maryland and he lived there until college when he went to Auburn. My mom also went to Auburn and that's where they met & married.

My dad's job as a pastor has moved us around every few years while I grew up.  I was born in Virginia while we lived there during his time in seminary.  We lived a few places in Alabama while he pastored different churches. When I was 12, we moved to Hawaii for another church pastoring job.  Since my parents didn't have southern accents, we didn't really pick up a southern accent ourselves- and if we did, we lost it in Hawaii.  We moved back to Alabama in 2005 when my oldest brother was about to start college at Auburn.  My dad got a pastoring job about an hour away from Auburn and that's where we are today. He's not still with the same church because he started a church plant in 2008 and that's where we go to church instead.

I met my husband here (who is also not from Alabama- he's from Washington State).  We have chosen to make this area our home and start our family here. 

So we're used to seeing and hearing stereotypes about the South but we don't get offended by them. We also give credit where it's due and have acknowledged that some stereotypes are true. I've compiled some here. Enjoy.

Driving down the roads here, you will see people wave while still holding onto the steering wheel.  This meme breaks it down:

Aaron & I joke that this is the uniform of "bros"- aka fraternity brothers. I saw guys in this "uniform" quite often while attending Auburn.

And in the winter, we might get one to two inches of snow.  Otherwise, this is our "winter wonderland."

And because we don't get much or any snow, Southern natives don't know how to drive in it.  Fortunately, my husband does since he's from Washington State. And my parents know how to drive in snow since they grew up in the northeast and Midwest. Schools and businesses really do close down if 'alot' of snow is predicted (aka 1 or 2 inches).

This meme made us laugh since we're expecting a little girl in August.  Truth be told, this is how most southern daddies feel when their little girls get boyfriends.

The title of this pin is about problems curly haired girls have. In the South, you don't need to have curly hair to have this problem. My hair is not curly, but I could fool you most days of the summer simply due to humidity.

If you visit down here, do expect doors to be opened for you at restaurants and stores. 

When this meme says "I watch sports" it means we girls watch football. The Auburn v Alabama rivalry runs DEEP down here. You're pretty much born into a family that chooses for you what you'll be: an Auburn fan or a Bama fan.

Auburn' s mascot is the Tiger and our battle cry is "War Eagle!" (a different post for a different day).  Alabama's (Bama's) mascot is an elephant and their battle cry is "Roll Tide!" (Again, another post for another day).

Auburn's colors are deep orange and navy. Bama's colors are crimson & white.

Hope you've enjoyed this little educational enjoyment of the South shown through the eyes of an Auburn fan.  We do wear shoes down here and we do have traffic lights. :)

Until Next Time,
Much Love, Reba

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