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Monday, June 12, 2017

Wait Listed

Some things that I've been craving (or am just randomly thinking of indulging in) will have to wait til after Avery is born. These items include:

-Pecan Pancakes from Cracker Barrel
-pepperoni pizza (specifically Pepperoni Magnifico- 3 kinds of pepperoni) from Marcos
-Crunch Wrap Supreme from Taco Bell
-fish tacos from Bonefish or shrimp tacos from Chappy's
-oreos with cold milk
-Aaron's homemade lasagna (he made this for a church potluck and I had to bypass it in order to stick within my carb gram goals)
-chips & Costco jalapeno cheese dip
-Ben & Jerry's Phish food (I tried this flavor in the 8th grade and haven't looked back! If it's not available, I choose peanut butter fudge core, chocolate brownie or the coffee toffee crunch).
-fat free chocolate frozen yogurt from Costco food court
-Chinese buffet at our favorite local Chinese place where we've been going since before we got married, or Chinese take out at our other favorite local Chinese place. I've found that Asian sauces on meat raise my blood sugar, so I'm putting off any cravings until after Avery is born.
-fun donuts. I can resist a donut fairly easily so this hasn't been a major craving of mine but Aaron did buy fun donuts (cookies-and-cream, maple bacon, & raspberry crumble) from a local shop last week and I was bummed that I couldn't partake. It'll be nice when I can have a fun treat like this again. And yes, we do let Michael have donuts. We bolus insulin appropriately and then let him be a kid!
-lunchables. Technically I could have this now since it falls under the carb count appropriate for meals but I am trying to avoid processed foods since they raise my blood sugar more than natural foods do.
-Peanut butter milkshake from Sonic.  I'm thinking I'll have one of these in the hospital after delivery. :)

I think I'll be able to hold off these indulgences for 11 more weeks. Anything to keep Avery healthy!

This weekend, my mom came over and did an awesome pedicure for me since I can no longer reach my toes (a week 25 and forward issue)!

She says she'll do this as many times as necessary before Baby comes!

I'm counting down the weeks, but I've been doing that since we found out we were pregnant!

Until Next Time,
Much Love, Reba


  1. Oh man, I'm sad you can't enjoy some of those things right now. Not even lasagna??!!?? But that is an AWESOME pedicure!

    1. I could do lasagna, but it would be harder for me to evaluate the carb count since he makes his pasta from scratch. :/