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Friday, June 9, 2017

Things I Do For My Kids, But Secretly I Hate

There are some things I've run across as a mom that definitely don't make the Favorite Category for me.  I compiled a list of them here.  I'm sure I could think of more, but this is a pretty good starter list.  I also understand in this list that lots of these things will fade away and I'll look back on this time in my life as a mom to a pre-schooler and a pre-kindergartener and WISH that my kids still wanted to do these things.  No longer will they need my help to get lemonade or to open a string cheese.  And I know I'll miss these days.  So although I'm not fond of these "tasks" right now, I understand their importance and will try to embrace them even so. :)

  • Going to playgrounds.  (There’s always other kids around and then I have to stand in the perfect spot to keep an eye on my own kids as they go up and down the slides, etc.  There’s too many entrances and exits to playgrounds.  I dislike them very much).

  • Letting them go on bouncy houses (Ugh, the germs!!! Other family members have told me I’m weird for not liking bouncy houses, but there’s serious evidence of horrible skin rashes that kids have incurred by going in them!  I get SUCH the heebie-jeebies about rashes, so I hate anything that might cause them)

  • Putting the pieces back in Watch Out Scooby Doo! Game (very similar to Don’t Break the Ice)

  • Playing the game Trouble (because Noah can’t press down hard enough to pop the popper, and about a quarter of the way through the game, they decide they’d rather pretend the pieces are alien spaceships, etc.)

  • Watching Justin Time, Watching Phineas and Ferb, Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Watching PAW Patrol

  • Assembling and gathering marbles after every round of Hungry Hungry Hippos

  • Putting in movies in the DVD player (I’d much rather pick a movie off of Netflix or Amazon Prime!  Does this make me lazy?  Maybe so).

  • Bubble baths.  (Are kids even clean after a bubble bath?  When my kids get out of the tub, their whole backsides are covered with bubbles but they HATE to be rinsed off.  I don’t like the idea of soap staying on their skin.  It’s a rare occurrence to get a bubble bath in our house.)

  • Blowing bubbles.  (Does this make me a horrible mom?  I do NOT like blowing bubbles and having the bubble liquid get all over my hands, etc.  Do we blow bubbles at our house?  Yes, we do.  Do I smile while doing it? Yes, I do because it brings my kids such joy to karate chop the bubbles.  But do I enjoy bubble blowing and the stickiness that ensues? No. No I do not.)

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba

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