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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


One thing we really liked when our boys were babies was the idea of "stations" throughout the house.  Basically, we wanted to make sure there was a safe place to lay down the baby in each of the rooms we'd be in during the day.

I didn't register or receive a big tall baby swing, etc. I wanted things that I could easily move from room to room if needed.  This time around, I had already sold some of the "stations" that I really really liked and benefitted from.  During the spring consignment sale, I found a few station replacements.  Then I registered for another station and received it at a recent baby shower (more to come on the baby shower in a future post!)

So, my absolute favorite station when the boys were babies was the Fisher Price Space Saving Seat-n-Swing.

It was quite similar to the one shown in this link.

I could easily move this from room to room, which enabled me to do things (like go to the bathroom, or cook, or take a shower!) when my boys were teeny babes.

So often, we read about new mommies who feel like they can never shower unless someone else is at the home to hold the baby.  We bypassed this situation by buying a clear shower curtain liner and putting it on a separate rod from the shower curtain itself. Then I'd set the baby swing in front of the bathtub and I'd pull back the real shower curtain.  I'd set the baby in the swing, and I'd take a shower and feel very comfortable knowing I could peek through the clear shower curtain liner and see my little one safe and sound in the swing.

I'd also move the swing to the kitchen to cook dinner or to be able to eat somewhere besides my couch.  Having a "station" to set the baby in was super helpful for us.

This time around, I found a similar small swing (ours is probably a year or two older than the one shown in this link here) at the consignment sale for $13.00 so I scooped it up fast!

I also registered for and received a bouncer which is quite similar to one that my mom had at her house when my boys were tiny.  She has since sent hers on to her sister who is a new grandma.  I know how helpful that bouncer was at my mom's house, and I decided to register for one as another easy station to move around the house.

After watching my new niece enjoy her Rock-and-Play so much, I decided to be on the lookout for one at the consignment sale.  I paid about half of retail value for the rock-and-play.  I chose one that can rock itself, and vibrate, and play songs.  I could have easily gotten a lower version one for about $10-$20 but I spent $35 on the one that can rock itself.  Noah was ECSTATIC when he saw that I had bought one of these!  He loves to press the buttons!  So this will be another easy station, and one that can fold flat and fit into the back of our car if I need to take it with me to have a station at some other location (ie, if I coach cheerleading again this fall, I will take this with me to put Avery in during practice).

I'm really happy with the stations we've acquired thus far and think it gives us a good place to put our sweet babe rather than just on a blanket on the floor (which isn't a great idea when you have a 4 year old and 3 year old running around, as well as two dogs who come in at nighttime).  This time, we don't have a shower with a curtain, it's a stall instead, so I'll just bring the swing into the bathroom right in front of the shower stall, and I'll leave the shower door open enough for me to see her as she swings.

Until Next Time,
Much Love, Reba


  1. I like this idea! Due to the size of our apartment, we will have one "station" which is the Rock n Play. Hopefully baby likes it! So cute that Noah is into all the baby gadgets.

  2. Oh the rock n play will be perfect for your space! So easily moveable!